DermaTherapy Tecnology

  • DermaTherapy is the next generation healthcare solution.
  • Linen products are engineered to provide Therapeutic properties.
  • DermaTherapy optimizes the microclimate around the patient.
  • Prevents breakdown of skin and promote healing.
  • Patented fabric engineering reduces friction by 35% versus poly/cotton.
  • Continuous filament yarns with micro-channels wicks 40% faster and dries
    60% faster than poly/cotton.
  • The highly breathable quick drying fabric keeps patient cooler and more
    comfortable, reducing metabolic demand in the skin.
  • Fabric engineering and fiber content eliminate lint, a potential vector causing
    infection in open wounds.
  • Surgical-grade antimicrobial on the fabric reduces bio burden by 99%.
  • DermaTherapy in comparison to standard cotton or poly/cotton linen are:
      • SMOOTHER
      • DRIER
      • CLEANER
      • COOLER


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