H2 Fuel

  • Water naturally charged by the earth is rich in molecular hydrogen and has anti-oxidant properties. H2Fuel charges your water to produce anti-aging, electron-rich, hydrogeninfused water. Now you can enjoy charged water everywhere you go with H2Fuel!
  • Chemically treated water sent through long pipes loses its natural electrical charge. Overprocessing also strips water of electrons – so it loses its natural ability to fight oxidation, aging and inflammation.
  • Artesian and underground flowing water are rich in energy, electrons and molecular hydrogen. These properties give natural anti-aging and physical energy to water. Drink charged water to give you natural energy and balance.
  • Intracellular hydration is fundamental to health and energy! H2Fuel uses electrolysis to infuse an adjustable amount of activated hydrogen (H2) into drinking water to increase intracellular hydration and reduce oxidation associated with physical exertion and aging.
  • The cloudy or milky appearance is an abundance of H2 gas, representing the water’s greatest energy and anti-oxidant potential. The H2Fuel charges water through electrolysis, giving it added electrons and molecular hydrogen to create water that works.

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